I’m Eliot Li, and I live and write in California

* * *

Publications (Fiction):


“The Forbidden City USA, Circa 1942” in Peatsmoke

“Asian American Battle Royale” in Emerge Literary Journal

“Hunan Homes” in Cheap Pop (Nominated for Best Microfiction)

“The Uber Driver Whisks My Teenage Daughter And I Away” in Versification

“Mr. Ah Yup, Of The Mongolian Race, Applying For Naturalization” in South Florida Poetry Journal

“Charlotte Sometimes” in Fractured Lit Anthology II

“The Magic Kingdom” in Necessary Fiction

“Lunar New Year” in Juked

“Yellowstone” in The Margins


“How I Spent My 25th Year College Reunion” in The Dribble Drabble Review, October 2022 (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Looking Forward To Sharing Laughter And Fun Times” in SmokeLong Quarterly, September 2022

“It Took Courage For My Disowned Mother To RSVP Yes To My Uncle’s Wedding” in Citron Review, September 2022

“Genetically Predetermined Chemical Imbalances” in CRAFT Literary, August 2022

“It’s Hard For Mother To Be Alone Again” in Reflex Fiction, August 2022

“I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours” in New Flash Fiction Review (Runner up for 2022 New Flash Fiction Prize), August 2022

“Octopus Joy” in Maudlin House, July 2022

“Maybe I’m A Bad Father For Feeding Her Junk Food, But The Doctor Told Me To Do It” in Gone Lawn, June 2022

“Asphyxiophilia” in trampset, June 2022

“#51 Bus To Chinatown” in Flash Flood, June 2022

“Shrapnel” in Vestal Review, June 2022 (Nominated For Best Of The Net)

“Ancient Chinese Ritual Art” in Scrawl Place, April 2022

“The Risk Of Death From This Procedure Is Minimal” in Orca Literary, April 2022

“Hold Pressure” in SmokeLong Quarterly, March 2022

“Dissident” in pidgeonholes, March 2022

“Tell Billy To Do His Homework” in Bending Genres, February 2022

“Stars and Stripes” in Litro Magazine, February 2022

Guangxi56″ in Atticus Review, January 2022


“A Place Of Comfort” in Cleaver, December 2021 (Nominated for Best Small Fictions)

“Last Seen Normal” in Pithead Chapel, December 2021

“Barbara Prepares Her Husband’s Meal” in Tiny Molecules, December 2021

“Cicadas” in Lunch Ticket, December 2021

“The Hungry Ghost” in Gordon Square Review, December 2021

“Her Teeth” in Flash Frog, November 2021 (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Dignity” in New World Writing, October 2021

“Barbarians” in The Pinch, October 2021 (Click below to hear story read by author) (Runner up in The Pinch Fiction Award 2021)